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About Costa Rica

Tours to Costa Rica are chosen by lovers of subtropical climates, countries where there are ocean beaches, a variety of flora and fauna. After all, such a country is Costa Rica. This state is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has everything - mountains, forests, and a large number of national parks and wildlife reserves, as well as volcanoes, unusual beaches with black sand, noisy waterfalls. The capital of this state is San Jose.

The flight to this country from the CIS countries must go through Europe or the United States, in some cases through Cuba. The period of stay in Costa Rica should not exceed 30 days. The most popular main resorts of Costa Rica are Jaco and Punta Leon. The coast of Jaco attracts tourists with its nightlife. In this country, mostly 4 and 5-star hotels. Many travelers prefer to live in bungalows.

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Holidays in Costa Rica today fully meets the expectations of travelers from the United States: in this blessed country, washed by the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, immediately after the flight you can find options for leisure for every taste, plunged into the whirlpool of vacation life.

Shopping in Costa Rica

When shopping in Costa Rica, most visitors want to buy all kinds of crafts from tropical wood. Among them stand out figurines of animals, masks, boxes, dishes. Colorful hammock, themed T-shirts with wildlife motifs, coffee products and jewelry with semi-precious stones or coral are considered no less popular purchases.


Sightseeing in Costa Rica

If you have any idea where Costa Rica is and what it is famous for, the main attractions of Costa Rica are its flora and fauna. To understand what this country is so famous for, we recommend to get acquainted with the most popular tourist places in the country.


Bus Tours

To learn more about Costa Rican history and culture, take a tour. Due to the fact that Costa Rica is considered the richest country in Latin America, the prices of tours in the country can be called quite high. Nevertheless, holidays in Costa Rica can be called very diverse and interesting. It is worth a visit to all people who dream of seclusion with nature, walking through pristine rainforests and national parks.


Beach vacations

Costa Rica is washed by both the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, so a tour to Costa Rica with a vacation at sea is considered the most popular destination among tourists. If you still do not know what the rest in Costa Rica by sea differs from other resorts, the beaches in this country are considered some of the most environmentally friendly and clean in the world. Moreover, they are also considered the safest.

Map of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small mountainous country located in the narrowest region of Central America. A map of Costa Rica will give you an idea of the large number of national parks, protected areas, volcanoes, and mountains concentrated in the country.
Map of Costa Rica

Things to do in Costa Rica

Despite the small size of the country, Costa Rica has a lot of amazing places that will seem incredibly interesting to the tourist.

Amazing Costa Rica Tour

The period when it is best to go to Costa Rica is the calendar winter and spring. This time in the country is commonly referred to as Verano - summer. The beginning of the high season in Costa Rica does not mean that it does not rain in the country. Accordingly, the low season in Costa Rica begins in May, when the rainfall increases many times over. Book NowGet More